June 23 is National Pink Day.

You are invited to be a part of the biggest nationwide pampering party in history! We may even set a world record. Our goal is to have each state represented at our Nationwide Pink Party. 

Fun Giveaways, Free Prizes, and Amazing Skincare Tips!

On June 23, there will be Pop-Up Pink Parties LIVE on Facebook throughout the day. Then don't miss the big event...The Nationwide Pink Party LIVE on Cindy's Zoom at 7 pm CST!

We are giving away up to $1000! 

Cindy will be adding $1 to the giveaway for each participant (consultants and guests) who attends the Nationwide Pink Party! Half of the giveaway money will go to a guest and the other half to a consultant.

Be the first to register from your state & win an unfilled Petite Palette! Plus receive FREE Mascara** when you register 10+ guests!

Join our Nationwide Pink Party in-person or online...PLUS you can host your own Pink Hub! Be a PINK Hostess and earn up to $100 in FREE products + other bonus gifts. ** 

Join our Nationwide Pink Party virtually and get a Pink Love Pack with skincare samples from your consultant or join a Pink Hub to receive in-person pampering. 


When you have five+ guests* at your Pink Party, you get $25 in FREE products!

*Guests must be at least 18 years old and cannot have a MK Girl already. 


When you have $300+* in Pink Party sales, you get $25 in FREE products.

*Pink Party sales include outside sales. Ask your MK Girl for details.


When two+ guests from your party book a follow-up party with their friends as their next experience, you get $25 in FREE products!


When you get to know the company and attend a MK Q&A prior to the Pink Party on 6/23, you get $25 in FREE products!

As a PINK bonus, you receive ONE FREE EYESHADOW for each guest from outside your home state.

When you have a FIFTH guest from outside your home state, you receive a FREE PETITE PALETTE.

When you have a SEVENTH guest from outside your home state, you receive a FREE PERFECT PALETTE.

**For participating consultants.


You and your guests must register and join the Facebook group before June 23.  This promotion is only open to the consultants and customers for Cindy Sheppa and Amber Shouse's units. Your director will provide the cash and palettes as part of the state giveaway but you  are responsible for other prizes, discounts, and promotions (registration and hostess giveaways). Prizes are subject to change and you and your guests must be present to win the cash prize. You are also responsible for following up with your customers who register and providing the Pink Love Pack or similar mailing of the skincare samples. The responses are available on the Dream Catcher Future Area Trello Board. Cindy's office will mail out the requested invites if guests provide the needed mailing addresses.